About us:

Dear customers,

we are a family company from Poland, we strive to provide our customers with high quality services while maintaining affordable prices. We also carry out individual orders Polish cosmetics manufacturers for example: INGLOT, AA (Oceanic), Ziaja, Dr Irena Eris, Eveline Cosmetics, Paese Cosmetics, BANDI Cosmetics, Mollon Cosmetics, Mincer Pharma, Bell, Dax Cosmetics, Delia Cosmetics, Farmona Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics, FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory, Bielenda, L’Biotica, Ava, Joanna, Verona Products Professional, MIRACULUM, PIERRE RENE.

We’re constantly working to provide you more and more interesting in our opinion cosmetics in our online store and we don’t have a large part of cosmetics in our standard offer – are only available to individual orders so feel free to contact us about delivery time and price on e-mail: beautique.kosmetyki@gmail.com

Best regards: Beautique-eu

 About our mission

Our mission is to provide deliver of Polish cosmetics for retail customers in the European Union and rest of the World. Beautique-eu want in order to good quality Polish cosmetics were used by women throughout Europe, Asia and America. All the products that we offer also we’re trying to carefully check and we strive to offer you such a cosmetics that in our opinion are something unique. We’ve set ourselves an extremely difficult and demanding task, but scrupulously implement them and we’re enjoy from each new order. We love to be in touch with our customers, who openly share with us their feelings concerning the products. When problems arise, we don’t run away from them and you can rely on us, but we do everything what we can to do to prevent any difficult situation: we pack all the goods safely, we will ship orders with a tracking number and supervise the shipping way, we remain in contact with the post offices all over the world to make sure that everything is ok. We work directly with manufacturers and with official distributors presented in our offer cosmetic brands, so you do not have to wonder whether the product that you hold in your hands is certainly original.